Five Reasons PC Sales Have Taken a Nose Dive


4. Where are the netbooks? PCs are too expensive now.
But there is more to that theory, and it focuses on the cost of that hardware. The Windows 8 computers options simply cost too much and there are no longer those lower-cost netbooks to choose from. Windows computer buyers got used to those low $299 or $399 prices and that's just not an option anymore since most Windows 8 computers come with touch screens. It's something we pointed out a couple of months ago and IDC points to it too. "Fading Mini Notebook shipments have taken a big chunk out of the low-end market while tablets and smartphones continue to divert consumer spending," IDC wrote on its site.

"Microsoft bet big that touchscreen prices would come down, but there is still a significant premium associated with them," Ross Rubin, principal analyst of Reticle Research, told ABC News. "Of course you can get it without the touch, but Windows 8 is optimized for a touchscreen experience."

5. People are just not upgrading that much anymore.
Some have said that people are just not upgrading their computers that much anymore because they are already as fast as they want them to be. Simon Bisson argues in a piece on ZDNet that we are already in an era of "good enough computing." "Why do you need to buy a new PC when you can get better performance with a software upgrade on your old hardware?" Bisson writes.

Time Magazine's Harry McCracken makes a similar point. "Folks aren't going to stop purchasing conventional computers altogether, of course; the PC industry isn't the PDA industry," he says. "But maybe it's turning into the TV market — one in which a typical household buys the best product it can afford, then holds on to it until it breaks or a true great leap forward (like HDTV) comes along."

It's an interesting argument, but Rubin says that might be all tied back to argument number one: tablets. "I would say if they are postponing, it is that upgrade dollars are going to other devices like tablets and smartphones. So, really, it is back to reason one," Rubin said. Post-PC world is right.

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