'Super Mario 3D Land' for Nintendo 3DS


We meet Boom Boomer and his sister Pm Pom again and again, under only slightly tweaked circumstances. At one point you'll even face them both, but this fight is even easier than the one before it. I wanted to interact with environments, use powerups and be generally surprised by the bosses. More often than not, they fell through to the expectations I had built after NSMB and "Super Mario Galaxy".

This game strives to play off of the most classic Mario elements, more like New Super Mario Brothers Wii than anything else, only with the ability to explore 3-D space. We are in a very familiar Mushroom Kingdom without aliens, bees or islanders, populated by only the most popular Mario characters. This, along with the sorely missed Tanooki suit, are cause for much happy nostalgia, even if they got the tail-wiffle sound effect wrong.

As much as I can nitpick, once the "Super Mario 3D Land" finds its footing, the gameplay is second to none, taking the best actions and power-ups from the series and melding them into one must-have Mario game, even if that means buying a 3DS first.

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