Should You Be Scared of Your Cell Phone?

"Among the most stunning new findings is evidence that you can cause birth defects in mice embryos from cell phone radiation. … [Researchers at the University of Athens] looked at fetal development and studied pregnant mice exposed to smart phones. And they looked at the offspring of the mice and they found basic defects in their brain structure and skeleton…

"[In one study], they showed significant damage in the exposed mice embryos. And they showed, for example, mice normally have 13 pairs of ribs and the exposed mice sometimes had less or their cartilage was ossified, meaning it was kind of fused. And they showed other defects in the skeleton and head bone that were associated with the radiation from the smartphone – to 3G [smartphones]….

"Other work that's been done… has to do with damage to the ovaries and testes of the fruit fly. The fruit fly, as you may know, has been very well studied by science and they have shown that the ovaries and testes of a fruitful can be shriveled up by radiation."


The wireless industry says that the amount of radiation emitted by cell phones is very low but then why might they still be harmful to human health?

"It's not the amount of radiation, it's the nature of the signal, because, in fact, these phones are very, very weak … They're very low-power but it's the pulsed, digital nature of the signal that I'm more concerned about…

"It's kind of like if you take a rubber band and snap it, it doesn't break but if you keep snapping it over and over again it will eventually break. This radiation has very low power… but it can still be damaging."

In her book, Davis says the nature of the signal is especially harmful because it is constantly searching for a connection with a cell tower. Exposure is increased in areas of weak reception because the radio signal has to increase as the phone seeks a connection.

What kinds of health effects does research connect to cell phone radiation?

"I think the impact on fertility and sterility should be way up. … There are probably more than two dozen papers showing that cell phone radiation affects sperm health. And studies have been done at the Cleveland Clinic, Australia's national research center and major research institutions in Turkey and other places. And they've taken samples of sperm from healthy males and split them in half.

"Sperm naturally will die but the sperm exposed to cell phone radiation dies faster and don't swim as well. And this work has been done experimentally with human sperm but they've also done research with animals -- exposing animals at the time when they're teenagers and showing that the sperm count of the animals is lower if they were exposed to cell phone radiation as teenagers."

Davis also said that in addition to brain illness, memory loss is a serious issue. In studies with mice, researchers have found that exposure to cell phones and Wi-Fi impedes the ability of mice to learn and remember.

Russian researchers following groups of children for the past five years have found that children who use cell phones regularly have difficulties with learning and behavior, she writes.

Which populations are most vulnerable?

"I think anybody who wants to protect their brain [should be aware]. …People who have Parkinson's, people recovering from brain injury, such as Iraq vets, I think they should be especially aware of these issues."

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