Cheating at Sex? Study Asks People to Rate Right or Wrong


They may have agreed on that, but there was considerable disagreement over the importance of some activities, depending on whether the participant felt secure in personal relationships, or didn't want to make commitments. Texting erotic messages, staying in the same hotel room, talking on the phone several times a week, and even holding hands was far more serious for those suffering from "attachment anxiety" than those wanting to avoid commitments.

The researchers did not zero in on a form of sexual behavior that seems to be rampant these days -- cybersex. Kruger noted that they did include sending photos and erotic messages, but Web porn, which is available to anyone anywhere, probably figures in to a lot of troubled relationships.

What is clear, however, is there is considerable disagreement over the seriousness of some behaviors, especially those that fall between sharing that hotel room (52.7) and telling dirty jokes (25.9.)

But what does it all say about Clinton's efforts to fib his way out of a really messy situation? Offering just his own personal opinion, Kruger said he's not even sure the president was lying.

Recalling another famous quote from that era ("It depends upon what the meaning of the word 'is,' is"), Kruger noted this:

"Bill Clinton said that he wasn't actually lying because he was looking at one of the reporters in the second row, because he in fact did not have sex with that woman (sitting in the second row). Lewinsky was a separate concept. That was my interpretation of why he worded it in such a strange way."

OK. But at least now we know he ranked second on the cheating index, not first.

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