Daredevil Felix Baumgartner Preps for 120,000-Foot Skydive


Luke Aiken preps Baumgartner's parachutes before the jump and says it is like suiting up before the big game on Sunday.

"It's like you are going through the playoffs in a series, you know, and you make it through each round, and instead of the pressure getting less it gets more and more every step of the way," he said. "We are approaching the Super Bowl."

Baumgartner skydived from 96,000 feet in July, and told ABC News it was a mystical experience.

"It is overwhelming," he said. "You are standing there in a pressure suit, the only thing you hear is yourself breathing, Joe's voice [by radio], and you can see the curvature of the Earth. The sky is totally black, you have never seen such a black sky and you know there is only one person in the whole world who has been higher."

His mother, Baumgartner said, always lights a candle before one of his death-defying feats.

"Because if you run out of luck, if you run out of skills, there is nothing left and these are the very rare moments when you believe in God," he said. "And you really hope he is not letting you down."

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