Jeff Bezos and Steve Jobs: Both Estranged From Dads and Wild Tech Successes


Jandali spoke to the Wall Street Journal after his son's death, saying that he had almost no contact with Jobs. Jandali's friends told the Journal that the estrangement was "a source of great sadness" that Jandali kept hidden for years.

Similarly, Bezos' estranged biological father was also emotional over his son, according to Stone's story in Businessweek.

"The face of his child, frozen in infancy, has been stuck in his mind for nearly half a century," Jorgenson's wife told Stone.

Pertman, the psychologist, said that it can be difficult for parents separated from their children through adoption to reconnect, especially when wealth is involved.

"It's complicated by his wealth," Pertman said.

"He's probably thought about this child for years. People don't create lives and pretend they didn't happen. Typically when a birth parent finds out there's a child, they want to know what happened to the life they created," he said. "It's normal. But the notoriety and money does skew it."

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