Modern Equipment Sees Beneath Mummy Rags

Emily Teeter, curator of Egyptian antiquities at the Oriental Institute, University of Chicago, said such evidence doesn’t go far enough to prove the mummy is Ramses I.

“That’s completely non-diagnostic,” she said. “We have a bunch of non-royal mummies, and some have crossed arms. And filling the skull with resin was standard embalming procedure.”

Teeter, who first began using CT scans to study mummies in 1991, admits she was also struck by the resemblance to Ramses II and said further study — especially DNA evidence — may prove that Emory’s mummy is the famous patriarch.

Whatever the conclusion, the research has converted Hoffman to an enthusiastic Egyptologist.

“It’s opened up a whole new field and facet of radiology for me,” she said.

Her fascination, however, isn’t strong enough to keep her from her goal of establishing a private practice in radiology.

“I’ll be back at Emory reading mammograms on Wednesday,” she said. “Back to my regular life.”

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