Woman With Amazing Memory Speaks

Question: We know from the research that you lead a normal life, but can you tell us something about your daily routine, like the type of work you do?

Answer: I am an administrator in a private corporation and I work A LOT.

Question: Are you married, and does this have an effect on your relationship with your husband, if there is one?

Answer: When I first met my husband he was a bit surprised and puzzled by this, especially when I told him what day his close relatives were born (after he gave me their birth dates, of course), but he loves to brag to people about me. Contrary to what I have read about myself in some blogs, I have never used my "memory" against my husband.

Question: Does this ability make anything easier, or harder, for you? Did it, for example, affect your academic achievements?

Answer: I was not an excellent student like everyone thinks I would be. In fact, I was bored by school and never really liked it.

Question: Are there some things you would like to forget, but can't?

Answer: THERE SURE ARE!!!!!!!!!!

Question: Are there some things you've had difficulty remembering? If so, can you describe one or two?

Answer: When it comes to work, or even when I need to go to the store, I always have to make my lists, or I will not get everything done.

Question: Are you conscious of making a special effort to remember some things?

Answer: I don't have to make an effort to remember. I just do.

Question: Why do you think you have this special ability?

Answer: I HAVE NO CLUE!!! Would love to know, and that is why I contacted the doctors in the first place.

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