Turner to Pay $2 Million for Causing Terror Scare in Boston


A statement released by Menino's office says that, "The settlement included approximately $1 million to the cities and state agencies for their emergency response and another $1 million in good will funding."

In full-page advertisements appearing in the Boston Globe and Boston Herald last week, Turner laid out an apology to the city which they're not backing up with the promised funds.

To the Citizens of Boston:

Let me start with what is most important --- an apology, for the confusion and inconvenience caused in your community on Wednesday by an unconventional marketing tactic. We never intended this outcome and certainly did not set out to perpetrate a hoax. What we did is inadvertently cause a great American city to deal with the unintended impact of this marketing campaign. For this, we are deeply sorry.

We appreciate the commitment to the community demonstrated by Mayor Menino, Governor Patrick, Attorney General Coakley, the Boston Police Department and other local agencies in their response on Wednesday, and have pledged to them our full cooperation as we work to understand what happened and why, and then to act responsibly on that information.

Our focus today and in the days ahead is on demonstrating to you the sincerity of our desire to do what is right. What happened in Boston is a humbling reminder that reputation is something we earn every day. We are working to regain your respect.


Phil Kent

Chairman and CEO,

Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

Berdovsky and Stevens may not have helped their case after appearing at a press conference and refusing to answer questions about the event. Instead, they chose to engage reporters on their hairstyles and questioned whether the popularity of the Beatles' haircut made it out of the 1960s or not.

All four, Hoo, Vautour, Berdovsky and Stevens, are part of a collective of artists called GlitchCrew, a group that uses technology as an artistic medium.

"Peter's a poor artist and he does jobs like this for money and Sean…is primarily an artist as well," Hoo said. "This was considered an art project. Peter and Sean are both video artists and community-oriented artists at that."

Hoo and Vautour said they don't know how or why things were allowed to get so wildly out of control, but both fear their friends will be made scapegoats when they feel the people behind the campaign are the ones who are truly responsible.

"The point is that they knew what was going on, they knew the country was on terror alert and they told him to keep quiet and they kept quiet themselves," Hoo said. "They knew that was happening, told him to not say anything and now he's in jail."

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