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If, heaven forbid, you are not in front of your PC or TV, the X Games will also be available on Verizon Mobile's VCast system on a special ESPN channel. If that is still not enough for you, check out the DirecTV feed that will let you watch six events at once. And if even that doesn't do it, then may we suggest you buy tickets to the darn thing?

We are not personally plugging the X Games -- we don't know a rail grind from a coffee grind. What's important here is the potential effect this broadcast will have on all of sports television. If ESPN's efforts are successful, it is almost certain that other sports leagues will follow suit. How long will it be before Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association and, ultimately, the National Football League add this sort of extreme coverage? Already, the NFL has a significant wireless deal with Sprint. So the answer is, probably not very long.

Jonathan Blum and Dan Evans co-host "Strange New World," a weekly syndicated radio show. Blum hosts the blog and Evans is a features editor at PC Magazine.

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