ReacTable Tactile Synth Catches Björk's Eye -- and Ear

Kaltenbrunner's device, at heart, is merely a classic synthesizer. But the reacTable can also reconnect electronic artists to a real musicianship that, for years, was hidden behind laptop screens and WYSIWYG software.

"I really like the fact you can get quite physical with it," said Taylor, who has been learning the reacTable on the road. "You're not just going through the motions every night. If you're doing live electronic stuff, at least you've got something to grab on to.

"Each time you put an object on there you really don't quite know what's going to happen, so you just have to surf it, ride it and balance it out."

ReacTable is not yet available to mere mortal musicians -- but when Björk comes knocking, you don't say no.

The singer particularly liked the visual feedback that lets the audience see how the reacTable makes music, Taylor said.

"She's really into it," he said. "She's always been into people who come up with something totally fresh, and she really enjoys bringing out things that people haven't seen before and giving a platform to really new ideas."

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