Facebook Code Leaked on Site

"Do not enter any data that could potentially compromise your identity," Siciliano said. Such information includes credit card information or social security numbers.

Social networking site users should also ask themselves several key questions: "'Is what I'm doing currently putting myself in an insecure position? If I reveal this information about myself, who could potentially have access to it and what could they do as a result?'"

But not all the experts agreed. Despite these alarm bells, the specific code release doesn't mean much for Facebook's security, according to Jon Giffin, an assistant professor at Georgia Tech's School of Computing Science and a researcher at the school's Information Security Center.

The leaked code was display code that is not revealing, Giffin said. "Interesting code is found elsewhere."

"Sure you can question whether that misconfiguration may reveal lax measures on their end. I wouldn't necessarily say that's the case. They're humans," he said. "I'm not a Facebook user, but if I was I would not be terribly concerned by this. … I don't think it will make it easier to hack."

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