AI is A-OK in new games

That means players and the AI enemies have access to more advanced weaponry and vehicles. The amount of processing power and memory capacity devoted to the AI alone in Call of Duty 4 is equal to the horsepower needed to run all of Call of Duty 2.

Foes are more likely to act of their own accord, choosing between weapons and tactics, whereas enemies in Call of Duty 2 were scripted to use certain weapons. Players can choose their own path, perhaps retreating rather than simply charging on.

Your troops are smarter and will reward proper tactics. Previously, if a player charged into an unsafe firefight, his band of brothers charged right along. Now, they will analyze the situation and may decide to hold their position, letting you suffer the consequences.

Developer comment:"It makes for a much more dynamic playground of battle," says Jason West, an Infinity Ward studio head. "You can try different things and the enemies will counterbalance you, and you and your friends then must counterbalance them."

Activision, out Nov. 5, for Xbox 360 and PS3, $59.99, for Windows PCs, $49.99, rated M.

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