Digital tech delights to get hearts thumping

The Apple iPhone (; $399 with two-year AT&T plan) combines a widescreen media player, smartphone, camera and host of Wi-Fi Internet services. And it's as gorgeous as it is functional, powered by a revolutionary "flick" interface that lets you use your fingertip on the touch screen to access all your content.

BlackBerry Curve: E-mail excellence

If mobile e-mail is your priority, Research In Motion's rimm ( BlackBerry smartphones are still best in class. The Curve (8310 from AT&T att, $199.99 after rebate with two-year plan; 8320 from T-Mobile, $249.99 after rebate with two-year plan) isn't just for business people. Along with e-mail pushed to your phone, the keyboard-based Curve has a built-in media player, camera, GPS navigation (8310) and more.

Samsung u740: Flip it

Dubbed the "Double Flip" phone, the Samsung u740 (; $79.99 with two-year Verizon plan) opens vertically (when placing a call) or horizontally (for e-mail and text messages), which reveals a keyboard and widescreen display. Touch-sensitive music buttons on the face of the unit control tunes stored on expandable MicroSD cards.

Palm Centro: Pocket power

The compact Palm palm Centro (; $99.99 after rebate with a two-year Sprint s plan) gives you voice, text, e-mail, music, photos, games and Web — all in your pocket. Interact with the smartphone using either the keyboard or touch-screen. Powered by the simple and intuitive Palm OS, the Bluetooth-enabled Centro includes a camera and memory card slot.


Falling prices, plus more selection and content, makes this the year to invest in a high-definition TV.

Pioneer Elite Kuro PRO-110FD: Tops in high-def

This top-of-the-line 50-inch plasma TV ($5,999.99; not only delivers up to 1080p (progressive) resolution for outstanding clarity but exceptional contrast, offering deep blacks that are about 80% darker than in the previous generation. The Pioneer Kuro TVs are ideal for high-definition HD television programming, PS3 or Xbox 360 gaming.

Slingbox Pro (HD): Take it with you

No TV fanatic who travels should be without Slingbox Pro ($199.99; Use a laptop or phone to watch your local TV programming anywhere with an Internet connection. This HD-ready model streams up to four independent sources, such as a cable/satellite box, DVR or DVD player, so you'll never miss favorite shows. No subscription fee.

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