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Comments:Mog.com "solicits input, like reviews and artist write-ups, from members," Resnikoff says. "The result is a user-generated community of fans that can be targeted to the genre tastes of the subscriber."


Description:Part Internet radio, part recommendation engine, Pandora automatically adjusts a playlist to your tastes based on the tracks you indicate you like or dislike. Pandora has more than 11 million users.

Features:You can forward your "station" to friends and find others stations based on genre, style, mood and listener profile. Become enamored with a new song, and you can create a station around it, bookmark it or click to buy from iTunes or Amazon.com. You also can listen to Pandora on AT&T and Sprint cellphones.

Comments:"Pandora crafts highly targeted radio stations based on your preferences," Resnikoff says. "You actively tell Pandora if you like the music they are serving you, and that becomes the basis for your customized station. It's less geared toward networking, though you can link with like-minded listeners."

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