Genesis packs extras in 'When in Rome 2007' DVD

Collins: In the documentary, the two obvious threads are the comical side to the stools, next to the quite serious searching for the button pusher (who must activate an on-screen effect at the right time). It was good that we had those angles to hang something on for a documentary of that length. But it was all real.

Q: There are also points in the documentary where each of you talk about the band and each other and now that it is all over would you talk a bit about how this experience has affected you?

Rutherford:It was good as you think it would be and probably a bit better. The whole process, it makes us appreciate and reminded us of what good friends we have become and have been.

Collins:And will be. (lots of laughing heard).

Rutherford:It was quite nice and emotional without being over the top about it.

Banks:You must understand we are English, British types. We don't express emotions. But I entered this with a little trepidation. People do change after 15 years. And you have to include in this Daryl and Chester, when it comes to a live band we very much think of ourselves as a five-piece. We've been lucky in Genesis. All groups have a few problems, but we do sort of get on with each other.

Collins:It was a great opportunity. I think it's nice to get out there and sort of knowing it is probably the last time and have a little bit of fun with that closure. Each night was kind of an emotional experience in some respects because each night you were playing a place you had played many times over the years and tonight you were saying thanks to everybody for the last 30 years of coming to see us. It's kind of nice way to say goodbye, really.

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