'Call of Duty' revisits familiar turf in 'World at War'

You are accompanied by a Russian sergeant, voiced by actor Gary Oldman (The Dark Knight, Dracula); in the Peleliu campaign, Kiefer Sutherland voices a Marine comrade. "With these great actors we wanted to give this depth to the main characters in the game that really allowed you to relate to them and really allowed you to sort of live this experience of what a terrible thing has happened in both campaigns," Olin says.

With the game, Keirsey says, Treyarch and publisher Activision "paid a tribute to those guys that fought that campaign that most didn't know about. They know about the Battle of the Bulge and Normandy and all the big fights. But if you go 'Pelileu' they go 'What?' Nobody knows this campaign."

Players lined up for the chance to compete online against Ft. Drum. For enlisting, they got Call of Duty T-shirts and hats. "I've been a huge Call of Duty fan since the first one," says David Fant, 22. "Quite frankly, I'm kind of tired of World War II. When it took that step to Modern Warfare I really enjoyed that. So this is kind of going back."

He and four others teamed up to give the Ft. Drum team their first loss of the night. Afterwards, Fant planned to get the game regardless of its World War II story. "I've been following the series for a long time. I'm getting this one tonight," he said.

Added customer Robert Buckley, 18, "it's covering the Pacific War, so this is something new."

Another player, Jonathan Cabrera, 22, chimed in, "I can tell people two things to convince them to buy this game: climbing trees and the flame thrower."

"And don't forget the dog attacks," Buckley said.

One other bonus — in addition to a separate two player co-operative and four-player online modes — after players finish the single-player storyline they gain access to a mode straight out of George A. Romero: Attack of the zombie Nazis.

"You take on wave after wave of Nazi zombies who are undead," Olin says. "You are in this building which is completely boarded up and you are trying to stop them from getting into your building. What they will do is they will come up to windows and tear away planks from the windows trying to get in. … You can actually put more boards on top of them to try to stop them, but if they get in you have to be careful because if they kill you, you have to restart and you lose the round. Each wave progressively gets more and more difficult. The zombies move faster and take more damage. There's no end. You just have to try to see how many waves you can survive."

He emphasizes the Zombie level is simply a bonus. "It's completely auxiliary and supplementary to the game," Olin says. "We don't want people saying it's unrealistic. It's just a fun mini-game within our game that just adds so much replayability."

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