Consumer Electronics Show Goes On Amid Downturn

A recyclable battery might not sound like much until you consider the more than 10 million batteries that Fuji says are thrown away each year.

Other companies offer rechargeable batteries but, Fuji spokesman Jeff Kreidenweis said, this recyclable battery is more in line with consumer habits.

"From cradle to grave," from partners, production and packaging, he said, the product reflects eco-friendly practices. It will start shipping on Feb. 1

Rob Enderle, a principle analyst for the Enderle Group, said, "There's less focus on the huge TVs this time around and more focus on the stuff that's quite a bit more affordable."

He agreed that a spotlight is on green technology and energy efficiency, as a number of products on display provide a lot more with a lot less power or don't pull energy when they're switched off.

And despite the tough economy, analysts predict that consumer electronics sales will grow this year, going from $694 billion in 2008 to $724 billion in 2009.

ABC News' technology reporter Becky Worley contributed to this story.

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