Mysterious 'IT' Inventor Downplays Hype

IT has certainly captured the imagination of Americans. When Good Morning America asked viewers to e-mail ideas about what IT might be, hundreds flowed in.'s message board on the subject shows speculation runs the gamut. Included as possible explanations for IT were: the long sought-after Sterling Engine, which could make fuel from almost any material including water and have no dirty emissions; a zero-friction scooter that could go 100 meters with just one push; a truth analyzer for the television; and a personal helicopter one person saw "in a vision."

Greg Bottorff, the proprietor of, says that most of the users of his site think IT is a personal scooter, but there are also other opinions out there. Under this sort of public scrutiny, he said, we're going to find out what IT is sooner rather than later.

"I think the press and the pressure will cause somebody to crack," he said.

And Saffo says that's something of a pity.

"Part of me wishes we never figure out what it is because we're all having so much fun chasing after it ... everybody's going to look back and realize it was a lot more interesting before Dean told us what he was doing. That's how all mysteries are."

ABCNEWS.COM's Sascha Segan, ABCNEWS Don Dahler and Jennifer Lew, and Reuters contributed to this report.

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