TechBytes: Classroom Chats With Endeavour Crew

VIDEO: NASA astronaut talks with Christina Taylor Greenes classmates from
WATCH Mark Kelly, Shooting Victim's Classmates Chat

In today's TechBytes, a really long distance call for schoolchildren. Classmates of the Tucson girl killed in last January's shooting spree chatted last night with astronauts in the space shuttle. Endeavour Commander Mark Kelly, whose wife Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was wounded in the shootings, arranged the call. He said 9-year-old Christina-Taylor Green inspired him.

NOOK E-reader a Boon for Women's Mags

The Barnes & Noble NOOK Color is surprising the magazine publishing industry. Sales of women's magazines for the NOOK are strong -- sometimes stronger than sales on the iPad or other tablets. That's because e-readers are more popular with women.

Apple Worshippers

If you've ever felt that Apple fans are some kind of religious cult, researchers say you're not far off. Brain scans of Apple devotees show activity in the same part of the brain as worshippers. So getting that shiny new iPad or iPhone really is a religious experience for some.