TechBytes: Can iPad and iPhones Track You? Government Wants Answers From Apple

Apple Under
WATCH Apple Under Investigation

In today's TechBytes: new questions for Apple. Two lawmakers are asking the company to explain why it's collecting location information on iPhones and iPads. Additionally, some European governments say they will investigate whether Apple is violating privacy laws. But security experts say companies like Apple and Google regularly collect this information through their phones.

Google Offers

Google has launched its answer to Groupon. People can now sign up for its daily deal service called Google Offers in New York City, the Bay Area and Portland, Oregon, with more places to follow. Offers promises deals of 50 percent or more off of things like restaurant meals.

The World's Biggest Pac-Man

The arcade classic Pac-Man is going viral. World's Biggest Pac-Man is a new website that not only lets you play the game, it lets you create your own mazes. More than 16,000 have been built since the site launched earlier this month. Anyone can pick any maze and start playing.