A Tweet About a 'Dongle' Leads to Two Firings, Death Threats

"It's incredibly out of control. None of this had to happen. I can't speculate about the firings, because they're often complex decisions that factor in more than a single joke or a blog post," TechCrunch's Kim-Mai Cutler wrote. Culter points out that the tweets and comments directed at Richards on the web have been some of the "foulest kind of hate that the web harbors."

Richards has received rape and death threats on websites, including 4chan, and a series of vulgar comments on Twitter in the past week. A group of men on Reddit called the Feminist Victims Fund is even raising money for one of the "victims" of Adria Richards, Buzzfeed first reported.

Anonymous, the global activist hacking group, also has reportedly gotten involved, releasing a statement that it would take action against SendGrid's users and computer systems if it didn't fire Richards.

In a column on Business Insider, Rachel Sklar, founder of Change the Ratio, a group for women in technology, shares her belief that SendGrid was prompted to fire Richards after the Anonymous threats and attacks.

"Adria doesn't represent all women in tech - that is a huge, sprawling, diverse range of people across what is now a massive and diffuse industry," Sklar wrote. "But the hateful reaction to her has been breathtaking, and frightening and unequivocally gendered."

Still, Sklar and many others have shared that while the entire story is deep and raises numerous questions about privacy and sharing, it does put the topic of women in technology at the forefront and shed light on how complex of an issue it can be.

"We just came off a solid few weeks of talking about Sheryl Sandberg and 'Leaning In.' One would have thought that if this discussion of women in technology was going to be exhausted it would be exhausted by now," Sklar told ABC News. "But the fact is there are ongoing real issues here at every level and at every nook and cranny of the community."

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