Twitter Revolt: Online Anger at Deficit Standoff


Twitter Revolt: Blogger's Budget Complaint Goes Viral

A sampling of one-liners that used Jarvis' so-called hashtag (a subject preceded by a "#" sign):

"#F***YouWashington for Every Person Who Will Try to Find a Job Today with No Luck."

"...for worrying more about keeping your own millionaire tax breaks than your duty to the American people."

"...for 'creating this crisis' and 'using it' to cut our Social Security and 'cut taxes' on the wealthy."

"America used to be a great Nation that could send people to the we can't even write a check that won't bounce!"

"I almost bought a house this summer. Wrote an offer even. Now wating [sic] till next yr bc u suck."

Twitter does cull four-letter words from the site when it catches them, and by Monday afternoon Jarvis had softened his Twitter hashtag to "#FYW." But he had already touched a nerve with the original version -- "#goshdarnyouwashington wouldn't have had the same impact or accuracy," he wrote.

"I'm not arguing this is anything more than it was," he said. "But there are all kinds of ways we forget we can hear the voice of the people."

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