Underage Facebook Members: 7.5 Million Users Under Age 13


Consumer Reports: Facebook Should Create Better Controls for Keeping Young Kids Out

But other reports suggest that many mothers across the country don't share her perspective. Citing the Internet traffic monitoring firm ComScore, The New York Times reported in March that 3.6 million of Facebook's 153 million monthly visitors in the U.S. are under 12. (That number could include those who don't have Facebook accounts of their own but just visit public pages.)

Australia's Daily Telegraph also reported in March that Facebook's privacy advisor Mozelle Thompson told an Australian Senate cyber-safety committee that the network removes 20,000 underage users a day.

Fox said that when Consumer Reports asked Facebook about the number, they denied it but declined to provide a figure of their own.

"Facebook just instituted some controls for teenagers to try to report and get help," he said. "We applaud that but imagine kids 10 and under - they're so much younger. Their judgment, maturity, sophistication is so much less than a teenager. ...We hope that Facebook gets a lot more serious about this."

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