46 Years of Friendship on Facebook?

Facebook bug congratulates users on 46 years of friendship.
0:54 | 01/01/16

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Transcript for 46 Years of Friendship on Facebook?
In today's tech bytes happy 46 anniversary FaceBook. But wait the guy who invented the social network is only 31 but that didn't stop automated messages yesterday from congratulating members for being FaceBook friends Burke nearly half a century. It's probably a bug in the Unix operating system. Archer 2016 calendar we know Wendy year's first big tech release will happen. Reports say Samsung's new Smartphone. Will launch in March the galaxy S seven is expected to have a curved screen. And also includes 3-D interface touch similar to the iPhone success and finally Nielsen is out with its most popular apps of 2050. At a stop they spoke with 126. Million active users then YouTube with 97 million in third is FaceBook messenger with 96 million. Google's search and play it round out the top five does your tech bikes.

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{"id":36045345,"title":"46 Years of Friendship on Facebook?","duration":"0:54","description":"Facebook bug congratulates users on 46 years of friendship.","url":"/Technology/video/46-years-friendship-facebook-36045345","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}