Albert Einstein Archives: Love Letters and More

80,000 items from the physicist's archives will be available online.
3:58 | 03/19/12

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Transcript for Albert Einstein Archives: Love Letters and More
His name is synonymous with genius and while the world -- -- Nobel Prize winning physicist Albert Einstein as the man behind the theory of relativity apparently there is much we don't know about him. Until now Hebrew University is releasing the trove of docking personally -- -- very intimate details. About his private life. And ABC's outsmart -- is joining me now obvious got to talk about this from Jerusalem thanks for joining us today so what are in these documents that are being released. Said it's a wide range of things. The scientific side which you obviously know -- payments when it equals MC squared to correspondence. And correspondents. Are with his mother. In her final days as well as our correspondents. -- route one of his mistresses he's known to have -- Several players throughout his life even though he was married twice -- Good look at who Einstein -- And and that's what is love letters some of these more personal notes and things -- that how long have they been an archive. Interest. Yeah. Listen we have had 38000. Documents catalog. For quite some time. And at what he's doing in association without immigrants in Phoenix. Collection 28 thousands of people who -- the -- -- 8000 -- right. What is 2000 scan documents some 7000 -- that people. -- -- Albert Einstein. -- actually it only today but of course you can expand on that scanned documents so that. Police eventually and now we've gotten it will give the public at large. It really is -- because this man in the scientific community and really the world at large for advance learning just change the way that we look at. Frankly everything but I think was probably most fascinating are those personal notes that you're talking about in those notes to his mother. And use it also these notes to his mistresses he's had more than one. That's because I took some controversy over and something's going to as of -- elbow. And actually include. Consider some controversy over and -- -- and indiscriminate and backed bill let's go to. In 1990. To 1990 to September. Sort of went to an indictment -- wants to tell. It was three short. That rights and Jason -- -- -- the expeditions that there by the reflection of light by the sun. And then he goes on to say how much you would like to be -- And -- who can't remind opera somewhat darker thoughts are also had. -- mr. Biden. -- during the second marriage which was actually his brother's cousin. -- which are quite some time he started in 1921. Some years later. My assignment include innings -- nineteen billion I would -- -- getting top of Japan and Europe this. Particularly -- professor Einstein saying. -- -- -- With regard to Einstein asked him to help local bulletin states and she ended up doing. Wow it is absolutely fascinating and his thoughts on marriage apparently has that or -- running theory on that is well. We didn't see a band. As. As -- been married twice and had a number mistresses. Yeah -- and I. Didn't unsuccessful attempts to make something lasting. Wow and that we will leave you Alex mark -- from Jerusalem more than just MC squared thank you so much today. --

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{"id":15954695,"title":"Albert Einstein Archives: Love Letters and More","duration":"3:58","description":"80,000 items from the physicist's archives will be available online.","url":"/Technology/video/albert-einstein-archives-love-letters-15954695","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}