Apple Offers 'Substantial Upgrade' With iPad Air

ABC News technology editor Joanna Stern reviews the newest iPads from Apple.
5:08 | 11/01/13

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Transcript for Apple Offers 'Substantial Upgrade' With iPad Air
We can never get away from talking about. Apple and today is the best stated do it because you can now -- -- new and other iPad error and new vision version. Of the iPad -- So to tell us about the details a -- those ABC news technology editor Joanna stern Joanna. Look at that thing I can can I mean I can barely see that you can barely see me -- is that the iPad air you've -- -- -- now it's as thin as air and -- almost like. I just can't even see what really are let me ask you this -- because -- that was thirty -- -- -- human -- -- -- it was -- this and it's a substantial change. Well -- this is definitely a substantial change I don't have the older one with me right here but if you're used to using -- -- you weren't iPad three or an iPad for. And -- and are used -- that had Venus it's -- that fact that like it hurts your arm after awhile to hold with one hand. You don't have that with this this is it's like a substantial upgrade. When you talk about the thin and lightness here and this is just the pound so the biggest change yes comes to the aesthetic of this just a thinner and lighter tablet from apple. Are so what -- -- do you have the older iPad what's the biggest change amnesty then either system wiser operationally. What does a couple of internal upgrades to get a faster processor now you get just as good battery life which is pretty is a pretty big feet when you consider how things like this is. But -- really saying that if -- got an iPad two weren't iPad one this is going to be and nice I upgrade your problem thinking about upgrading already. But if -- party got that iPad three or four you know it's kind of mixed in there while -- -- model numbers. You make you know you bought in the last year to this is not going to be a necessary upgrade there's no -- new reason to run out today. Stand in line and -- this tablet you're gonna be good to go for I think another year -- -- with act's current tablet. But if it's really important union and feeling like your arm is falling off when you're carrying that tablet around and you. Or join a gym right on -- like Ford's going to do that's also a good idea -- I'll probably be cheap. Its very -- this like going to -- join it -- you get this straight on this you know it's like you're telling me obviously there are some improvements to open the same time now. It it it's -- it there incremental improvements right. Absolutely this is not a revolutionary. -- apparatus at an abolition area pretty -- they have definitely done some. Really nice things with the product to get apps faster processor inside for better gaming better multi media experience. Really the biggest thing like I said before it is the upgrade to the hardware here. Guns are gonna cut you -- and timing -- you're exactly right -- meet their smaller upgrades and you know people -- and so what do you think of the new iPad I mean my main answer is it tonight pat. And necessarily a bad thing apple in my opinion still makes the best tablet on the market. It's not a bad thing to say that this is just another iPad so what about the iPad mini writes that the new Retina Display. Yes so this is the biggest question actually insanity they're -- need to upgrade or should I get that -- or should I get the big size now. And really the only difference between now the air and the meeting that's gonna come out and a couple weeks with a Retina Display. Is this size of the screen and also the price it's a hundred dollar difference but it's really the size of the screen you get the same kind of screen resolution and you get the same processor. Getting the same software. All of that's gonna status in the differences that screen size and I think the big thing for for people -- -- -- How are they using this -- if they're using this tablet to give to their kids who are gaining -- watching movies they're probably still better with the bigger screen. If you are using it to let's say just read books or are read. Magazines or web sites at night in bad just as a personal device you might be better with the mini. Sage advice and recommendations on this and what's coming up for the holidays and putting you on the spot here what are -- we keep in -- I am. What tablets definitely tablets and -- -- -- which -- boxing on the iPad air on everyone should read it when it goes out. I'm really talking about there's sort of this fight for the tablet market and how I think all of these companies -- -- going to be marketing -- at a tablet. I think obviously the iPad still in the lead there is still getting the best applications. You're gonna see -- time of these companies really marketing Microsoft with the -- commercials. -- -- -- -- -- -- Tons of marketing towards tablets. And that I think you're looking at usual usual suspects for that for the gifts right you're looking at phones -- looking at speaker docks. Looking -- all kinds of exciting stuff to put underneath the tree all right sounds good. At Joanna stern. Following that clearly because the advice that you dole out frankly I think is invaluable -- -- you can pay for any kind of subscription to other kind of tech advice. Cheney. Offensive or you know he can do this week they released this -- a coffee every Lincoln tweet me -- -- conduct with Starbucks I actually mean you are caffeinated and now I'm not -- Anchorage a kind of behavior. ABC's technology energy -- and join -- thank you so much over the weekend have a good weekend -- thank you of course you give with the latest tech news and business is right here on You've been watching the opening bell report and then -- -- New York.

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{"id":20753845,"title":"Apple Offers 'Substantial Upgrade' With iPad Air","duration":"5:08","description":"ABC News technology editor Joanna Stern reviews the newest iPads from Apple.","url":"/Technology/video/apple-ipad-air-review-20753845","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}