ATT Acquires Leap Wireless for 1.2B

ATT expands its reach into the world of prepaid cellphone service.
3:00 | 07/15/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ATT Acquires Leap Wireless for 1.2B
In today's tech bytes AT&T is expanding its reach into the world of prepaid cell phones. -- AT&T saying it's -- leap wireless which operates under the cricket brand. For nearly one point two billion dollars in cash -- give the nation's number two cellphone carrier. Our new market for customers who don't want lengthy contracts. If you've been wanting one of Microsoft's tablet computers the time may soon be right to buy one. Microsoft is cutting the price of its surface -- T tablet as it struggles to compete. With Apple's iPad. Meantime Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is hitting the company's reset button. He's -- restructuring the world's largest software maker to cope with keeping up with the increased pace of technological change which is seen it lagged behind apple and Google. Those are your tech -- I'm rob powers.

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{"id":19666295,"title":"ATT Acquires Leap Wireless for 1.2B","duration":"3:00","description":"ATT expands its reach into the world of prepaid cellphone service.","url":"/Technology/video/att-acquires-leap-wireless-12b-19666295","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}