Tiny Dog Fits in a Cup

Four-ounce dog in California was saved at birth after veterinarian gave CPR.
0:34 | 03/23/12

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Transcript for Tiny Dog Fits in a Cup
If I'm inside -- and California is cheating death over and over and over again two week old Beyonce you gotta love that name she may be the world's tiniest puppy is she waiting only for -- towns that -- that's and I thought we angle Beyonce was not breathing when she was born but the -- savior by giving her CPR. Content will be -- as populations says and she hit it where she came into the world. -- his letter was almost aborted their mom who was a -- was almost euthanize the animal rescue center -- save the pops named her after Beyonce because of her -- I'm -- -- -- she is to survive I just want that story.

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{"id":15985602,"title":"Tiny Dog Fits in a Cup","duration":"0:34","description":"Four-ounce dog in California was saved at birth after veterinarian gave CPR.","url":"/Technology/video/beyonce-puppy-tiny-dog-fits-in-a-cup-15985602","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}