Want a Spy Drone for Christmas?

Bill Weir makes the possibility of espionage a family affair with Parrot Drone.
2:44 | 12/22/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Want a Spy Drone for Christmas?
Everybody Bill -- ABC news Nightline and thank you to all of you who reached out after seeing my how do deep fry a Turkey video. Of course since I suggested that you avoid accidents by tying up your pets and children many of you wondered about my daughter's fate after that and can rest assured she's five. -- -- tied up for what like 36 hours. -- -- -- water and treat our. It anyway we're back together to review the parents they are drawn quadra copter this -- been out for over year but since it's made by a French company better known for car audio and since it looks just like every other remote controlled vessel doomed to crash and burn and he get out of the box. -- -- -- But as we discovered this is not your average flying -- Wouldn't stay down despite our best efforts and that's not even the coolest feature. Check -- -- there's a camera. In the nose and a camera. In the belly this styrofoam -- protects it from. Just stood being destroyed when it crashes you can take that often just flat with that but then of course the blades would be exposed but then he uses. Either your iPhone or -- android phone -- Celeron -- here to steer it and beams back. Live video from two cameras. -- -- -- -- you can also download other game -- -- and shoot augmented reality missiles stuff but we'll have more fun inventing our own game we like to call -- -- dog. -- got to admit. Pretty impressive display of bravery for a neutered half cue -- Now here's the hitch -- the price -- 300 bucks through this question in his spare battery because this the last less than fifteen minutes those -- another. Thirty dollars it's fair styrofoam home with -- another forty -- But it's stunning to think that people can now go by their own spy drone off the shelf. Now with recordable video news change everything from journalism. Crowd control. But in the meantime -- could be one. Very cool last minute present this holiday season but regatta as vice that if we hope you have a warm and safe one -- happy holiday -- -- Thought the only the helicopter which. -- We get them to talk.

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{"id":15213180,"title":"Want a Spy Drone for Christmas?","duration":"2:44","description":"Bill Weir makes the possibility of espionage a family affair with Parrot Drone.","url":"/Technology/video/bill-weir-test-flies-parrot-ar-drone-15213180","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}