Celeb Hacker Apologizes

Christopher Chaney expresses remorse for invading Hollywood stars' privacy.
0:49 | 10/13/11

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Transcript for Celeb Hacker Apologizes
The Florida man arrested and charged with hacking and it's a -- -- emails is speaking out today Christopher Cheney is accused of hacking into email accounts. And at least fifty celebrities today He talked about how it all got out -- control. It started as curiosity. And it has turned into just being you know addicted to -- mind seeing. These people EC and big screen I deeply apologize I know what I did was. Probably one of the worst invasions of privacy you know someone -- The experience and I'm not trying to us I don't know I know what I did. That was wrong that Cheney says it spiraled so fast He was released when He got -- and they confiscated his computers. He is now out on bonds.

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{"id":14732232,"title":"Celeb Hacker Apologizes","duration":"0:49","description":"Christopher Chaney expresses remorse for invading Hollywood stars' privacy.","url":"/Technology/video/celebrity-hacker-deeply-apologize-14732232","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}