CES in 60 Seconds: Sony Xperia LTE Phone

A first look at Sony's upcoming 4g mobile device.
1:02 | 01/11/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for CES in 60 Seconds: Sony Xperia LTE Phone
Everybody just kind of RAMP from G four TV's attack of the show and its -- Hannah happy pretty little Sony Xperia -- phone this is Sony's first LTE phone that's going to sit. The second quarter this year for AT&T. And really. Just take a second -- the drove him out it is a sexy. Sexy device for twelve megapixel HD camera on the back. HD camera on the front this will also be doing videoconferencing are trying to see all of your blemishes we get it in high -- right off the front. It is an android powered device that one gig of ram. Sixteen gigs of internal storage on the memories out of things you want. Actually upgrade that to 32 dual core process of a single through through multi media but no problem and that the -- As a dedicated HDMI out as well as -- seed industry and other media alphabet or when you're charging it stream media from the phone to your TV watch -- movies. -- a slide show. It's all there it's these Sony Xperia -- on -- first LTE phone coming -- second quarter for AT&T.

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{"id":15336260,"title":"CES in 60 Seconds: Sony Xperia LTE Phone","duration":"1:02","description":"A first look at Sony's upcoming 4g mobile device. ","url":"/Technology/video/ces-60-seconds-sony-xperia-lte-phone-4g-mobile-device-consumer-electronics-show-2012-technology-15336260","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}