DirecTV Internet Streaming Service

DirecTV streaming service offers about two dozen channels and won't require a satellite dish.
0:52 | 03/02/16

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Transcript for DirecTV Internet Streaming Service
Hey they're today's tech bytes DirecTV. Dishing to lose its parent company AT&T has announced some new. DirecTV streaming bundles firm mobile customers. That he plans will allow users to access all of their favorite programming without dishes set top boxes or annual contracts chick filet is encouraging customers to unplug the chain. Is actually offering customers a cell phone coop. In which to ditch their devices during their meals and exchange diners will be. Given free ice cream dream concert fil a says it's all about quality time. For families. Burnett and Amazon teaming up. To make sure you never run out of water filters they're new infinity purification picture re orders its own filters first time users Anderson information on my. Then the picture is on auto pilot ordering new filters through Amazon I need one need to. As you.

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{"id":37333241,"title":"DirecTV Internet Streaming Service","duration":"0:52","description":"DirecTV streaming service offers about two dozen channels and won't require a satellite dish.","url":"/Technology/video/directv-internet-streaming-service-37333241","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}