Earth Shines in Amazing Video

International Space Station captures spectacular footage of the planet.
0:34 | 11/14/11

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Spectacular new view showing planet earth and a whole new light take a look at this this was stunning time lapse video was taken from the International Space Station between August and October. He was -- by a German filmmaker this is not been. Altered in any kind of way each -- Images across the US other continents captured everything from. The brilliant northern lights did thunderstorms and -- easily recognizable sites the Great Lakes the boot of Italy. That video. Because I don't -- all right that extra it's like it's like the opening of a movie but that is that's the real the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- very --

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{"id":14947122,"title":"Earth Shines in Amazing Video","duration":"0:34","description":"International Space Station captures spectacular footage of the planet.","url":"/Technology/video/earth-shines-in-amazing-space-video-14947122","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}