Falling Becomes an Internet Hit

Another bizarre way to get noticed has hit the Web.
0:45 | 01/10/12

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Transcript for Falling Becomes an Internet Hit
Attention seekers after -- -- another -- -- way to put it if it. About how is it that -- that to indulge themselves and -- plastered all over YouTube like not only later. There was playing -- and phony. Now -- a new craze the critically called falling several. -- But if a person -- liberals on the floor in an embarrassing way skinny girl she's whenever. My eyes. The area airports people doing stupid -- that's -- have a story about this out. Surprising some unsuspecting all the hookers and a friend is nearby and captured moment on camera so we can bring to you on national news only Matt Maloney and apple all right out because there's I won't get us -- -- -- --

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{"id":15332457,"title":"Falling Becomes an Internet Hit","duration":"0:45","description":"Another bizarre way to get noticed has hit the Web.","url":"/Technology/video/falling-becomes-internet-hit-15332457","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}