High-Tech at Low Prices

Affordable electronics gifts for under $100.
3:04 | 11/21/11

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Transcript for High-Tech at Low Prices
Since the start making that holiday gift list but if you think high tech means high -- Think again to average out and -- lifestyle editor protected act. It's yours -- as great gadgets all for under a hundred bucks may see you brought a lot of these props with that all. All under 100 dollars and there's something here for every and I am so let's get into the first advice is -- streaming device is urged is video games everything. Streaming entertainment device this is the roku to access. You plot that little black box right into your television and anything 350. Online channels stream right in your TBC kitten like Cynthia Lou everything you line. It's simple and it's just. Opulence -- X you've got ear phones that supposedly -- -- hearing -- or we'll just last week new research came up one in five Americans over the age of twelve hearing -- from listening to music to -- out. So deep in logic. 100 these -- the first year -- it actually won't let the sound go for 85 possible. And that's where you get into that the troubles normally it goes to a 110 -- let's you and 85 still. Idealists. And and -- at a cost of affordable accessories -- -- iPod. That's -- well I home and Disney teamed up. To bring these awesome iPod dock clock isn't speakers -- -- your favorite Disney characters. And awaited -- iPod listened to music and people think that this is for children. I actually found this to be one of the hottest gifts this year for adults it felt -- it -- -- An affordable option you prize a specific video game -- parents ask me all the time what's the right video game to get from my child. This year Disney universe one of the hottest video games. Isn't this you play the Disney character -- -- 45 different games and you can play. Jack Sparrow from pirates of the Caribbean or Mike -- house -- from -- You can these different Disney characters it's a great way to -- -- -- involved in family game night for ten -- and what. -- for older for the big kids. Start to from blizzard. This is sold millions of copies it's been one of the hottest games of the year this holiday season and predicting it will be the hottest game. Fantastic. Real time simulation competitive game one of the hottest games -- -- have some great -- and again all of this for under -- hundred dollars yes. Item less than a hundred dollars and look for some fabulous -- like -- different companies on FaceBook. Expects sales between now on the first of that ticket -- -- face okay Jennifer -- tech lifestyle editor protect and content. And frank you.

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{"id":15000575,"title":"High-Tech at Low Prices","duration":"3:04","description":"Affordable electronics gifts for under $100.","url":"/Technology/video/high-tech-low-prices-15000575","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}