iPad Mini, Windows 8: October Tech Bonanza

Apple, Microsoft, and Google will make big tech announcements this month.
3:00 | 10/08/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for iPad Mini, Windows 8: October Tech Bonanza
You think the big fight going on right now is between President Obama and Mitt Romney. -- the real rumble is between tech giant throwing out some new products hoping to win their consumers votes. And ABC news technology editors who ministers here now with a pregame report and all of this Joanna welcome thank you for acknowledging the important fight in techno exactly we're keeping -- -- -- races great and small in this and obviously -- heating up. The pay issue that -- the the big issue entering this race it's going to be an issue -- -- what has been obviously apple rolling -- the iPhone 5 they still huge headlines with that but now they're upping their game. There -- game and heading into a market that they haven't been before and that is the smaller tablet space. The iPad many thoughts and lots of rumors been circulating about -- -- -- -- coming at the end of the month and they're not saying that -- the rumors are saying mass for lots of evidence that the iPad -- is coming. So the bigger iPad -- -- the iPad that's been out for the last three years has had a nine point seven inch screen -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- seven -- -- -- this -- -- -- -- -- And it's gonna probably be around the same -- this maybe a little bit bigger so you can see a lot easier to hold more focus on reading right watching movies. -- consumption device than actually being able to can but create content. -- you have to be doing a lot of email on this necessarily but still have the same kind of capability though the -- many as with the -- iPad is. And so that that's really the positioning from apple that'll -- -- smaller device and probably cheaper in. And this -- been a big market that has sort of grown over the last couple years with Amazon Barnes & Noble -- Google and so it's become this really big market of cheaper tablets to fight the iPad. But now the iPad is gonna probably be in the race -- -- so -- apple Illinois coming out this new tablet or are there other things that are going to be out there it's -- -- be tablet month it barely got that's what's gonna happen. The other big thing that's happening at the end of the month is windows eight is launching a -- is a computer that's running windows eight. And it's from Acer but one of the big things about windows eight -- from Microsoft is that it's going to run on tablets laptops desktops all types of computers. So it's built around -- It's it's your -- It's built around touch so this is that laptop but it's got -- touch screen and lots of different computers are -- see coming out. From Acer Asus Lenovo. All these different big brands are gonna have really innovative designs. And even Microsoft's coming out with their own -- if. -- have touch for years on the game anymore are you I mean it's really it's become the stick is an essential component you're gonna come off any kind of a new device it. Is that the big thing we're seeing with windows is pairing that touch screen with keyboards and that's where Microsoft's really saying. With the touch screen you've got to have a keyboard so they're coming out there on surface tablet again also asked that exposed to come out at the end of the month -- gonna come with a keyboard are really -- keyboard dock. -- with it. Lots really -- keyboard accessories probably. All right well now what about went -- to follow us because again I mean the iPhone 5 just -- just blew everyone's expectations excitement out of the water. Apple -- continued to remain the domineering force and that sector. Everyone is coming out fighting against the iPhone at the end of this month look at. Microsoft also coming out windows eight phone does -- have entries they -- from Nokia HTC Samsung. Big push for Microsoft there are also gonna see some new android -- of course there -- thousands of feels like an android phones. But there's going to be a really major announcement from from Google they're saying it's going to be a phone in partnership with -- again a lot of rumors around that's -- probably -- halo android phone heading into the -- It's all right well and that's just it because obviously people are keyed in on what's happening between Romney and Obama but really. This is the debate that's happening right here -- right now this is where your money is going to really have to. -- tablets operating systems and phones coming out. Tons of that I I'm ready for the fight for it Joanna stern thanks much for being with us today thanks for having --

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{"id":17425896,"title":"iPad Mini, Windows 8: October Tech Bonanza","duration":"3:00","description":"Apple, Microsoft, and Google will make big tech announcements this month.","url":"/Technology/video/ipad-mini-windows-8-october-tech-bonanza-17425896","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}