Windows 8 Customer Preview Released

Microsoft unveils new operating system with tablet inspired features.
2:54 | 02/27/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Windows 8 Customer Preview Released
-- -- is familiar with windows get a desktop with some icons and maybe start menu in the corner but this year Microsoft is changing that in a very big way with windows -- The operating system is meant for desktops laptops and tablets. And tell us is really the biggest changes they optimize it for -- -- This week Microsoft is releasing a beta or test version of windows me for -- to try out at home on computers -- half. But they're going to release a full version later this year. So what's at the heart and soul of windows -- is the starts. And where you don't really say wow I cannot believe that is windows and what you get here is a long list of applications like Microsoft -- live tiles. Each of the applications are tiles brings in live information about what's going on inside that -- -- So for instance here this weather widget is telling me that it's forty degrees and sunny out. If you're wondering where that traditional desk top -- You can always get back to -- by selecting the desktop -- here you can get back to the start screen by swiping on the right hand side and hitting the start. But for another few that come with including now people bing maps and a few others. There really cool thing about the applications is that you can see them at full screen or you decide to drag another went in and position it right -- left. Or the right. If you're looking for some -- Microsoft is putting on Xbox Live games you can buy games just like you -- your Xbox. I don't playing around with -- pinball aspects in which has been pretty entertaining way and is also hasn't really -- If you like me you spent a lot of time in the web browser Microsoft does not a lot of work on next version of Internet Explorer. I really like the interface it's very clean and web browsing is very fast but that is confusing is that there's another version of explorer on the desktop. And as you'll notice here it doesn't have the same site that it has -- in the other -- Some windows eight worked with touch but hasn't worked with a keyboard out someone does this keyboard and now to try out the operating system. Wireless but it would work with any regular laptop or desktop. And actually some of the keyboard shortcuts and the mouse shortcuts work really well. You can use the scroll wheel here on the -- to get you start menu and when you go to -- side you can pick up some of those -- There also some other -- tracks when you -- -- -- -- here you can scroll through something different again. So what's the bottom line. Microsoft is doing some really interesting stuff with leniency in fact I think it's the biggest -- they've taken in a long time. There's still some bugs to be worked out but I think when it is released later this year the iPad is going to finally have some competition.

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{"id":15804642,"title":"Windows 8 Customer Preview Released ","duration":"2:54","description":"Microsoft unveils new operating system with tablet inspired features.","url":"/Technology/video/microsoft-touch-pad-ipad-windows-15804642","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}