Net neutrality fight continues

Major internet companies are launched online protests over Republican efforts to roll back FCC regulations.
1:34 | 07/14/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Net neutrality fight continues
FaceBook Twitter Netflix Google's alphabet ink in dozens of other major technology firms holding fast in their opposition to proposed changes by the FCC of net neutrality rules. Here in the US those rules prevent Internet service providers from slowing down blocking or charging more for certain web sites to be displayed faster. A cause HBO's John Oliver has been fighting for for years. Every sub culture must join us want to Inglis YouTube celebrities is different models tone from one spice if you still love. We need to all of you even are probably won't findings Donald Trump's Internet arms and saw what full China and rednecks the most powerful on law controls of old. More than 80000 web sites out today in support of the Internet wide day of action to safe net neutrality. They're landing pages displaying alerts warnings and videos urging the public to oppose the overturn of the SEC's 2015 rules. President Trump's head of the FCC wants to repeal those rules saying he thinks they were unnecessary and harmed jobs and investments. Others disagree fearing without the rules big companies with deeper pockets could pay to create fast lanes with slow lanes in place for everyone else. Net neutrality allows those of us Hugo on the line to go where we want into one do without interference in recent polling shows that this is not just. A left right issue it's not that democrats' they Burnett and Allen in Republicans oppose it. The public has until mid August to have their voices heard before the FCC's final vote. Mark Graham Allard ABC news New York.

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{"id":48621825,"title":"Net neutrality fight continues","duration":"1:34","description":"Major internet companies are launched online protests over Republican efforts to roll back FCC regulations.","url":"/Technology/video/net-neutrality-fight-continues-48621825","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}