The New iPad Review

The New iPad vs. the iPad 2: Joanna Stern discusses which one you should get.
2:33 | 03/16/12

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Transcript for The New iPad Review
So my new iPad and the last couple of days -- a couple questions. The first thing is it should I -- I had -- -- -- -- 399. Or should I get the new iPad -- for -- 99. Got a question I have the iPad two -- -- I get the new iPad. Let's take a look at some of the differences. We need a new iPad and the iPad two side by side you're really not gonna notice -- difference the new iPad is a tiny bit thicker and it's tiny bit heavier but and hand it really doesn't feel any different. But when -- turn that display on you definitely notice the difference. The new iPad has a retina display with a very high resolution. -- what that means is any images or video you look at on the screen look absolutely gorgeous. It's really the prettiest screen I've ever seen. The new iPad also -- a faster processor and you're really notice the difference in normal activities like web browsing your checking your email. But when you're playing games are -- looking at high definition video -- definitely -- notice that it. -- -- biggest complaints about the iPad she was its camera actually took some shots I was embarrassed let's -- That's not a problem now with the new iPad there's a new eyesight camera which is a five megapixel shooter -- takes much crisper shots. But -- really sure you actually want to hold up a tablet in public and take pictures. The big things that everyone was hoping the new -- would have with scenery and doesn't come along for the ride on the new iPad that there is some dictation software. It's kind of hit in. But when you have a keyboard you can -- the microphone and speak right into it. Why don't you have Siri. The major addition to the new iPad is -- -- TE now I'm not everyone is going to need this because if you've got Wi-Fi. You earlier finally the base models but -- lets you have faster speeds on the -- You can get it from Verizon or AT&T. -- testing the AT&T version around New York today and it's been very fast I was able to load the EC website in just three seconds. So to answer that question new iPad -- iPad two here's what I would say if you've got an -- -- right now you can hold off on buying unless you really really really want that nice display. We're sure apple have a new -- next year. If you're going out to I knew I'd had I'd say splurge and spend the extra hundred dollars on the new iPad again it's worth it for the display. And there's one last question I definitely -- -- -- -- if you've got the original iPad at home this big thing you'll definitely want to go out and get new iPad.

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{"id":15940802,"title":"The New iPad Review","duration":"2:33","description":"The New iPad vs. the iPad 2: Joanna Stern discusses which one you should get.","url":"/Technology/video/new-ipad-review-15940802","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}