Nintendo's Holiday Games: New Titles, Old Franchises

The game maker releases new games in some of their fan-favorite franchises.
2:41 | 11/18/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Nintendo's Holiday Games: New Titles, Old Franchises
It's endo is gearing up for the holiday season with some new titles in well loved franchise's. Super Mario Kart seven point. This comes out December 4 and promises to bring some new tricks to the series has been around for nearly twenty years now. Only removable drive -- here favorite characters Allah you be able do that -- the lighter -- accuracy people like Indian dogs and horses. Under water sports. It's a brand new things that earlier today and today that it -- since on the -- BS the news Maria. Street creepy and feature a variety of multiplayer options it's going to be -- -- collapses you know -- -- -- Yeah and that's your friends either -- other -- or out through the Internet using a wired connection to eight players can play -- she -- simultaneously. This -- also the 25 anniversary of the legend of Zelda franchise. Nintendo has been celebrating the release of -- from -- -- time for the three BS. That's for sure adventures for the -- in late November Nintendo released legend of Zelda skyward sword. Game looking to please die -- fans and newcomers alike. They have served as great as -- and -- -- the tell the story there. Part of the story we're live without love where their relationship stars -- hospitality yeah. -- gave -- fourteen of the masters ourselves. Have a -- yeah yeah. And now this is an adventure game that really immerse you in -- we have undoubtedly dealt with -- -- gave -- four. We love -- -- storm that's our second generation out. Yeah. Yeah. -- armor -- actually sliced in me in a very. Determined away let's -- what we're seeing any vertically you're sort of horizontal. You know they get pretty good about it and you further away. If you don't have a weakness and this is really the best and -- did not only do we have that this system at a great price. We've got a lot of -- -- -- -- -- is one of the best instrument in the library and opera we're nice and snacks. The great value. Until it was also holding -- tumors throughout the country where you can try out a 3-D S for yourself if you're still a little wary about it. Just want to go hands on before you buy it if you -- -- CNN three yes he got to see yourself do you really bad. It's actually pretty glasses for a full list of Nintendo's new and upcoming releases as well as information on the 3-D -- -- -- this visit intended outcome.

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{"id":14984781,"title":"Nintendo's Holiday Games: New Titles, Old Franchises","duration":"2:41","description":"The game maker releases new games in some of their fan-favorite franchises.","url":"/Technology/video/nintendos-holiday-games-mario-kart-legend-zelda-skyward-14984781","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}