Oscars Get Social With Apps

Free app puts audiences on the red carpet and backstage at Academy Awards.
1:50 | 02/24/12

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Transcript for Oscars Get Social With Apps
We have all these not new in free -- and download thank you. Behind the scenes ABC's and -- -- has more. It just watching the Academy Awards is not enough for you. There's an app for that it's called backstage pass designed to give -- Oscar fans the ultimate Hollywood insiders experience. He get trailers for the films and interviews with the nominees. Few memorable moments from past shows and time lines to test yourself an Oscar trivia. And for -- that you fancy -- fancier sells pretty good prognosticators. Check out my picks it's -- -- can compete with your friends to see who wins best predictor. Come Oscar Sunday Sherri shepherd Cameron mathison and others will serve as your hosts. Though the -- through twelve different camera angles give you a glimpse of the action backstage. And the all important arrivals. On the most famous red carpet in the world. Where fashion -- -- stars are may eat or ashamed. If tweeting your thing Oscar wants you to share your favorite memories with the Twitter verse. Fashion blogger dot com is already running best and worst dressed previous. And bloggers around the world are preparing to praised or -- what people are weary from the second they set foot on the premises. -- action doesn't end when the -- -- several post Oscar parties will be live street diet now they are ABC news Hollywood. I'm downloading right now within -- it's not downloading that the official app from ABC. Which has trailers nominee factories and host Billy -- up past performances dominant right now I think asking for a lot of people I'm so happy to see Billy -- -- -- -- -- never got credit for hosting job than we did. You know in fantasy -- but I'm makes is he going back and review the -- All what he does best yet.

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{"id":15783174,"title":"Oscars Get Social With Apps","duration":"1:50","description":"Free app puts audiences on the red carpet and backstage at Academy Awards.","url":"/Technology/video/oscars-apps-15783174","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}