Petcube Brings Pet Ownership Into the Digital Age

The new device allows users to play with and monitor their pets from a smartphone app.
1:36 | 10/03/13

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Transcript for Petcube Brings Pet Ownership Into the Digital Age
Wait I'm in the middle of something. That's cute. Okay where was -- time. Finance -- Q yes I am not perfect Q you see your screen first of all let me ask you this what do you think happens with your head when you're not around. And how do you handle it. 20% of Americans -- their TVs on to entertain their loved ones. Personally I think that's insane he's seen daytime television. I'm here to say no to -- -- charged it is. I am that you and I and the best way to always be those here. Here's how the words inside me it's a wide angle camera microphone and a laser all that goodness is connected to your home west -- If you have a Smart you can see your hands -- -- -- real time to them and you call them play with them using -- laser -- Here's the best part -- you're playing in lions game in your Smartphone you can actually tell people you're busy exercising your dad's. I mean that's -- true right. But wait there's more -- built in software. You can save photos NHD videos of your friends and share them anywhere you can imagine. You also get to share access that content -- all your friends fans. In the future I live in has shelters so everybody will have a chance to play was rescued animals and they get done when. So here's the part -- haven't mentioned yet and I am the only had given existence -- its lows you know I don't show. Did you want me or someone exactly like being your home backs this project and stay close your --

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{"id":20458711,"title":"Petcube Brings Pet Ownership Into the Digital Age","duration":"1:36","description":"The new device allows users to play with and monitor their pets from a smartphone app.","url":"/Technology/video/petcube-brings-pet-ownership-digital-age-20458711","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}