Skydiver Aims for the Edge of Space

Felix Baumgartner hopes to break record by falling 23 miles back to Earth.
2:10 | 02/08/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Skydiver Aims for the Edge of Space
Doing what only one night ever had done before and that's a good thing since we're talking about the. Highest skydive in history we'll pool -- -- Austrian guys about to attempt to set a new record for parachuting back to earth. From the edge of space as -- up the -- of the BBC reports it is a stunt fraught. With danger and. The years from twenty miles so then this happens. Captain -- contingent -- sort of ballooned to -- and you parachute system for the US air force. There was a leak in his right glove and he temporarily lost the use of his hands. But somehow he managed to deploy -- -- and landed safely but and he just. That was more than fifty years ago. Now this man Felix Baumgartner is hoping to break his record. Just -- and that's got to. It is scary but also the other side to have a lot of courage -- much bigger than -- my fear. That's why I'm -- want to find out how it -- up there. Felix Baumgartner will be reporting to us from a height that and the astronauts -- -- to be full let's see how high that days. The highest mountain is Mount Everest that say -- five miles -- Passenger jet scale up to eight most but -- found on the we'll have to do much higher. 23 miles with the atmosphere ends and space begins. He'll be taken -- -- outweighed by balloon inside the -- you. When he jumps out -- it will protect him is a pressurized suits. If the -- leaks at this -- achieved his -- will Begin to boil and -- Parcells. Doing great you keep -- right there so engineers have developed an advanced precious seat to protect him. The team has carried out its final tests and say that it's now ready for the jump. Felix Baumgartner -- so a false that he may break the sound area. That's a moment that the new technologies in his suit will be pushed to their limits pilot -- BBC news.

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{"id":15537754,"title":"Skydiver Aims for the Edge of Space","duration":"2:10","description":"Felix Baumgartner hopes to break record by falling 23 miles back to Earth.","url":"/Technology/video/skydiver-neil-baumgartner-aims-for-edge-of-space-15537754","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}