Marco Rubio's Water Reach Sparks Online Jokes

Senator's State of the Union response speech unleashed a deluge of Tweets and memes.
0:55 | 02/13/13

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Transcript for Marco Rubio's Water Reach Sparks Online Jokes
When asked -- -- less -- -- -- you you have a favorite mean that out there I mean Marco Rubio is the man who spurred a million things I mean. On Twitter with the people asking how to get the get tied it against how to get there between -- -- -- -- right now. We also saw some great still images they and one -- the -- that keep bad. And it all of poking. A little -- at him for not having fresh ideas. A fresher ideas but again as -- if you are saying. They're good that he and his people are pouncing on this when they're really embracing this I firmly believe the next president United States will understand pop -- understand the modern media environment in -- -- the current president doesn't. And I I think. At missiles like that shows the that rubio the people around him get it. They know how this is gonna work and it took them just mere seconds. To be out there -- -- you didn't have to you -- -- the dance around the fact that this is going to be -- at -- guys -- never for -- I think for -- real people real interest actions right -- -- Rick thank you so much.

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{"id":18490179,"title":"Marco Rubio's Water Reach Sparks Online Jokes","duration":"0:55","description":"Senator's State of the Union response speech unleashed a deluge of Tweets and memes.","url":"/Technology/video/state-union-2013-marco-rubios-water-reach-sparks-18490179","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}