Stem Cell Treatment for Animals

Stem cell research is being used to treat health problems in animals.
1:34 | 11/19/11

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Transcript for Stem Cell Treatment for Animals
Grimly at the Houston -- popular portly Asian pig. Has been feeling her age she should be able to Bennett a lot farther back severe arthritis has caused the female veteran loses joints to -- of stiff and painful. There's really nothing else we can -- to -- -- at this point so -- had a high tech treatment with stem cells. So we're looking at improving our quality of life and her mobility and hopefully ex -- like the -- Doctor Lauren Howard working with in general -- took a little of release fat which really want this to get the stem cells. -- -- extract them concentrate on Washington and in the things that being read. Because we have been this event in -- could mean -- Houghton would be -- whatever you -- him. In Mexico in general runs stem -- say this single tiger for being euthanized. He was hit by a building during a hurricane and could only -- on the ground like a seal. The animal protection agency of Mexico shot this video as the tiger got into -- -- on stem cells in his knees and hips. I'm doing great gained fifty Hansen's Brian -- and then. And -- life. Haley a Houston Golden Retriever walks better months later after her stem cell treatment. In January they will Begin human studies in Germany using the same procedure for people with osteoarthritis in their -- For wounds that won't heal and for bones that won't -- And relief -- for weeks after getting shots of stem cells from her own fat -- walking much better. -- really happy with the progress Christy Myers thirteen health check.

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{"id":14989471,"title":"Stem Cell Treatment for Animals","duration":"1:34","description":"Stem cell research is being used to treat health problems in animals.","url":"/Technology/video/stem-cell-treatment-animals-14989471","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}