Students Create Music With iPads

High school class in Kansas learns to play instruments on digital platforms.
1:51 | 11/22/11

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Transcript for Students Create Music With iPads
You know what I was -- -- we sat down at the actual instrument and play the tunes but these days -- at least in valley center high -- taking a whole different approach they're not even using physical instruments do. And -- -- music now on I can. When I hear a song I know what's going on and I know what different instruments are playing like that means. I can tell what time it is it's like -- just very little things just picked -- Sarah Woolf drove her own original Christmas -- Even locals and I told her -- computer insert and extract similar. -- -- would be created and -- real need sixty. Does he play trumpet even now I have no idea how it allows me -- me. Payments in looking -- taking money have rhythm of drums -- they can't pay them just on hand. It's OK let's let's teach in class yeah. It started out with the idea of using Mac labs for music editing purposes at the -- came into the equation later. Young people today are growing up with this technology so McCormick says why not put it to disputes. Besides FaceBook and texting you can use your -- your iPad sheer -- lot of different. So that's what was our concept was I want to consider that you could create -- perform what this technology. The use of this modern technology that kids these days are growing up with mr. McCormick -- -- -- that more students here in valley center and eventually to the entire country. In valley center Gerald zarrella -- news.

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{"id":15010701,"title":"Students Create Music With iPads","duration":"1:51","description":"High school class in Kansas learns to play instruments on digital platforms.","url":"/Technology/video/students-create-music-ipads-15010701","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}