SXSW: Exploring the latest tech and gadgets at the SXSW trade show

ABC News' Lesley Messer and Olivia Smith report from Austin, Texas.
15:54 | 03/13/17

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Transcript for SXSW: Exploring the latest tech and gadgets at the SXSW trade show
I'm calling it meant and I mildly apparently here and now night mountain lands in gone in the pregnant got the best of us sort of just getting started. Great hearing and cannot. And it it treats yeah a little walk look it. Now that counts here now just as the Vietnamese outfit out but yeah. The ardently he. I think it's really big. Interactive media that trains jammed in pretty apparent hate it changed rapidly. He. That the African studies them comes giant yeah pocket around. Today we're live yeah. Speaking Italian air live here. And Rick I love having. Do I gave an ally that our adding that doesn't win. Get that would it isn't risking right now on eighteen he is a lot more. I. Written and plant that what is that figure it'll hit here and hit him the doctors detect. It's. Such as RBR Mike that we expect god hears so doing pretty here's what you are is done their lives. It sale didn't like wearing them mostly in check this out Cleveland on the the microphone picks up any real. 83 news here is right you can hear I think that's how I was right here's guys he has always been something. We're here. We'll let me has Phil yeah. And dynamic young yes like overtime last night. Write it killed you. Right on top grieving mom and so the way we do this is the microphone is four separate councils. In here. Great now we're different channels its software and that's somber events in order omelets are separate video let's say from the gulf Rosanna. And then through another. Gonna have your mailman software brings it all together and I'll post production. So when videos made it's all done in. In any way it is so we will do a lot of the hardware is already done within the Mike and our software itself. He just wrote in this video and it is much better president well it and then it. That's not actually pulled here. The morning. Are likely. We always out. And this is another right. Because of the justices on tantamount to an upside down on top of the camera that can be seen. It's Smart enough. Yeah yeah I am all for. Yeah. And the I'll knock. Look you're still eating cat. We are not my out. There was something nice. Ari. Follow you around on any time. There's a lot of lot of different than them eat eat. Apparently yeah. Currently piled that you helped me millions. I. Everybody. Quickly coming in her time being really really thing. I find this thing that we. Yeah I'm. 888. Feet. Yeah. Mocked I could look any. Not like it and forget it now thank yeah your needs you're standing there under the eat Paul like the current events and the county as we're walking Eric Schilling didn't let it looked like I think. Fill many. That up but all different take the technology. People from all over the country coming here. You look up that something is new business. It's a great speech to launch new products to get each night let me know will be. That you had a lot of people. Eat everything from April's instantly it was meant for small business owners usually stellar hurts a lot has. Appear for a quiet year calling I couldn't hear exactly. Look it sounds good taste yeah I think what this Carolina with the beginning. Telling you got knocked around but did Bryant really hot car hi Mimi don't base it on and it felt much time. We're live with ABC India and hey where's that eyewitness it equipment software equipment but it let me ask. That eat eat at the camera at the top right there. Pat flatley over there and the company. Good that you. If you look look very trying to dad. How whereas dean. And it. I'm outright heat fans when he and I found. Very. OK let's talk you you. Sitting here and I luckily. I. That causes the back in the. What we. Yeah especially. I don't but it didn't work that back. Yeah thank that would speed CNET specific. That's back to you via lady doing something yeah. Get it after out of screen menus of Hastings. Eight standing visas things. Things that we capturing data. Then we do prices. He's actually. This. Site. He. The ministry it's. Yeah. I'm gonna do that right now hello I'm I didn't think we're. And apparently pick your act and it is. Here you could this mean somewhere and you got a special promotion and so we have so everything just kind of conventional. Best thing in front of so insanely good pushing back on him and I thank Jamison on his spirit and you see that it's on the learn we'll and it brings back we're seeing them advancing street that's existing now aren't we needed and this is where. This after. CNN's learned. My everything to about myself. Yeah and again as. It's nice running game being based medianews. A new US. And is being and so. And the thinking about for the accurate test. Yep. It's just that would get out. It's not like it needs a little old and then the disgust patches parent. It's just that created. Very very real experience. Hey hey hey good it felt I haven't. All over the ground here. And he means everything that technology everything ranges from the iron faced. See you. Yeah. I'm here to. While the number of different. Yeah. It. There are nearing their own scientific partner at picking apart and now. If you think he changes in general in the it wants to give you thieves. Right. Carried it. Frank on the week down and everything points. But they're really arts and gotten. And and here currently. Month on interactive media. In the middle for people seeking partners to exit and there work there and again. I don't. At an area they hang out well. He do it differently on the night that. On. Let's hear that happens to you eat this eat eat it. Rotten. And here apparently OK look and act he likely. I do. I. Headline high eighties here. Any die or live in America live AT and I don't ever got thinking I yeah I'm here standing in the. And fight acres and or farmland we are controlled environment agriculture company. Please hide your money matters to grow fresh produce in any plant year round so in here are growing about eighteen different crops today. You can see there is system sits in a nutrient water system. And our computer system behind the scenes are artificial intelligence program actually. Controls the entire environment for controlling CO2. Crucial in the water and slightly. Throwing the weight links to free bonuses. We can actually take the spectrum of light that he's listening saint years for murder sentences and give that went down specific spectrum that are personal values. So the environment is relatively anonymous in that sense we can grow to five acres and one for English and container. And he finally your round. Fire commercial supply chain. Allen county in the united NN news. Hello I'm. In the late teens seals. Cooling the air and area maybe we'll. Hardly ramming and I beat you so much for the previous year. On different members being. It isn't act enacted media it's great show going on right now. A lot different things they want me. So many things are getting it odd that McCain can break room. And water bottles that are here. Paying your theme that arm. Non parent and get it let it just don't want you guys we'll learn it was sent out. I love it there yeah. Fairly. At ten year old. To don't we get have to check it out. Either might get their jobs. Please check agent. Lauren heard very. More. We provide the hardware very. And you know we get. But it let your back. It's diet. You learn mind that I'm black. Unlocked yeah I think it there area they wanna go. What's going on having hearings. On your hurt either learn from him in the morning retreat to elaborate it's 5 o'clock. You're probably. Going to work together. Can't get. And in downtown Austin in this treats them going on in. Com and I have to do now need. Interactive media in new technology on the on the extent. Yeah. Actually kitchen is now. I think Acton to be exceedingly walking around. I think very heart out night not let that happen comparable thing. I'm mean I'm. Ring and then having. I'm Phil let me. Apparently he had outside we'll be coming back at the mall where. You actually think very very eager to every day here concert every night there's so much going on apparently Sharon. As a means you're good yeah. Watching the event and Leslie Mann.

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{"id":46109550,"title":"SXSW: Exploring the latest tech and gadgets at the SXSW trade show","duration":"15:54","description":"ABC News' Lesley Messer and Olivia Smith report from Austin, Texas. ","url":"/Technology/video/sxsw-exploring-latest-tech-gadgets-sxsw-trade-show-46109550","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}