TechBytes: Apple, Street Boarding

Apple will begin making products in the United States.
0:54 | 02/13/13

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Transcript for TechBytes: Apple, Street Boarding
In today's tech -- a busy day for apple CEO Tim -- he sat near the First Lady during the state of the union speech. Because his company will start making computers in the US earlier in the day -- told a San Francisco conference he still quote bullish on innovation that apple. Netflix is teaming up with DreamWorks to create an original children's series based on the upcoming film -- -- -- fast we'll follow the adventures of an animated -- who loves race cars. And it may soon be easier to learn how to snowboard. The street boards border control system is a hand brake and it allows beginners to stop in slowdown has needed. The luxury Smartphone maker revert to is now offering a 101000 -- Smartphone it's covered with titanium and it features a crystal sapphire display. There's no word on what sort of reception the android phone -- But really who cares. And those are your tech -- have a wonderful morning and Diana perhaps.

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{"id":18487539,"title":"TechBytes: Apple, Street Boarding","duration":"0:54","description":"Apple will begin making products in the United States.","url":"/Technology/video/techbytes-apple-street-boarding-18487539","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}