Ultrabook Computers: Competing with Macbook Air

Daniel Sieberg looks at some of the ultrathin computers on the market.
2:55 | 11/18/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ultrabook Computers: Competing with Macbook Air
Since he's so when the MacBook Air came -- a few years ago from apple it really changed people's ideas of what in ultra thin laptop could look like. But with the popularity of tablets in the MacBook Air seem to control out of the market. How -- other companies compete well by going even thinner and later. You've probably heard the term ultra book but what does it really -- Ultra books of the -- most -- in laptop technology packing high performance into very thin ultra portable computers. The MacBook Air was the first of these super thin laptops to hit the market and just recently he served launch the first PC able to book the -- -- -- In April. You're you're -- Paris restaurant causes him. Or -- -- and I do -- our network. Or -- you look at -- -- Set up. Boxers. Here and countless more pollutants that thinner lighter and faster so -- fitness. You can use -- And I. Regrets. -- out. This. Easy it's also launched their version of fields from look. Dozen books which -- -- to combine sleek design with powerful group. I think and both actually. It's a part of that you know we were meant to drive the best experience. And. Also try to revive. And user and that kind of feeding that you know that these lines. It's that they would. Outdoor performance. Would try to -- so much -- into a small device the performance of the product usually suffers. Daisy spent 300 million dollars designs and technology needed to things such a lightweight -- It was. Speed driving and two. -- thinking methodology. And we have overcome many many. Try to have this. -- this kind of sadness. And no compromise. The forward. As the future of computing to -- doesn't think the desktop computer will ever lose its place as a family computer. The system performance and portability of laptops we continue to evolve and improve with consumers meets. You're -- see -- books for holiday as you saw here today. Zia lying about what I get -- its next generation architecture and then house well after that so. You just -- one more. Capability. You can see it performed capabilities -- wolves -- critical -- but you're still civilians security. As well -- Communication and responsiveness while.

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{"id":14984797,"title":"Ultrabook Computers: Competing with Macbook Air","duration":"2:55","description":"Daniel Sieberg looks at some of the ultrathin computers on the market. ","url":"/Technology/video/ultrabook-computers-competing-macbook-air-14984797","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}